Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I made it through the Girl Scout Brownie Troop Scrapbook Workshop. And I am still alive. Whew. Who knew that I would get stressed over teaching a bunch of 8 and 9 year old girls!
It was an ordeal. I had the kits made. I cut the paper to size, made sure that there were enough kits for all the girls. I had this done WAY ahead of time. I think it was done by the end of November.

All I had left was to print out the words and graphics (like the ones on the Try-It layout above.) I decided to save MY printer cartridge and have color copies made at my local office supply store, but is actually a national chain store. When I got there Saturday night (the workshop was Sunday, so I am thinking I am doing GREAT at this point) I was informed that it would cost $0.89 per sheet. I needed 48 copies made. (4 sheet for each girl) I gasped out loud, and told the kind woman behind the counter that I wasn't going to pay that amount. I would rather buy a printer cartridge and print them at home myself. At this point she whispers to me that the price is going down in the morning to $0.49 a copy. Now, THAT I am willing to pay. So I decide to wait until the morning. Then I get this "brilliant" idea to compress what I have on each sheet, to make fewer copies, thus spend even less money. My publishing program shut itself off before I could finish the second page. I had printed one page. SO all was not lost. I did manage to save SOME money.

The girls had fun. They said so. Many times during and after the workshop. I was told that the leader overhead several of the girls stating that they LOVED their albums. I am SO VERY HAPPY with this news.

With the workshop stress gone, I can now concentrate on my other commitments. The ones I made to ME.

1. I want to get caught up with the BPS class I am taking. GOBI - Get Organized, Be Inspired given by Wendy S. (I'll look into her full last name later) She co-authored the book "The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker", which I highly recommend. Even after only the first 5 chapters. Even if you don't take the class (it is too late to sign up for this session), I urge you to get the book.

2. I want to get the swap's I am in caught up. I LOVE swapping with the groups I am involved with on YAHOO. Hi Everyone.

3. I want to scrapbook. This won't happen in the real near future, but, I want to scrapbook. I signed on for the LOAD class/challenge over at BPS and have failed miserably. But, such are things at this time for me.
I WILL get to scrapping.

4. I need to call a personal trainer. I NEED to get back into shape. It's been about 14 years since I have been in shape, so this might take a bit of time. (What I really want is to wake up tomorrow and be fit again!)

Well, I guess I have taken enough of your time for one day (actually a few, because I won't BLOG again until later in the week, or weekend), SO, have a good one.

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