Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spaghetti for dinner.

We're having spaghetti for dinner tonight. I love spaghetti. Sometimes I even make the sauce myself. But NOT during the week. Just don't have enough time. Know what I mean!?!?!

I am alive and kicking. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I have just been running around not feeling the urge to BLOG. So, I haven't. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT quitting. I started this BLOG as a pleasurable, relaxing activity for me. And because it is here "FOR MY CONVIENIENCE", I refuse to feel the need to make entries on any kind of schedule. It's bad enough I have to watch my dear husband act slave to a ringing phone. The man CANNOT stand to let a phone ring. It drives him crazy to hear the phone, any phone, ringing without at least checking the caller ID. This is really good news for any of you that call my house. He WILL answer the phone. He can't help it. He is wired for it. I, on the other hand, believe that the phone is there for MY convienience. And as such, I will or won't answer it depending on what I am doing, or where I am when the phone rings. I won't answer the phone, or even check caller ID, during dinner. Or if I am reading to one of my darling little angels.
(you can choke on that one if you wish. I did.)
I have suffered a bit of the "I can't wanna" lately. I have been around. I have checked my emails, read your BLOGs, commented on some of them, heck, I have even answered a few phone calls, but I haven't written on this BLOG.
I just didn't wanna.
I am not depressed or blue or down. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty upbeat. A lot has gone on in my middle aged, suburban life. Mostly middle aged, suburban things that would bore the socks off you. I am pretty sleepy myself just thinking about them. So, I won't bore you with them.
(Well, not all of them.)
We are taking off tomorrow to the Great Wolf Lodge.
So, If I don't update before 2:30pm on Friday, May 2nd, I won't be updating until next week.
No promises.
I have pictures to post of the projects I have completed.
(They are all home on my computer. I am still in the office. I should have left a few minutes ago, but I wanted to get on here and update this much.)
I got a belly dance instructional video in the mail yesterday.
The instructor is Michelle Joyce.
It is a beginner video. I like it. Even I can keep up. I have A LOT of work, and practice to do. She makes it look SOOOOO easy. Wish me luck and motivation. And now I find out she is from the San Francisco area. I miss the Bay Area.

P.S. I don't know why all of the paragraphs are "running" together.
Sorry 'bout that.


Amy said...

hope you had a great time at The Lodge!

Rosemary said...

My, your dinner photography is as beautiful as mine! We are such multi-tasking women - we make delicious meals and present them like Martha.

Bellydance is something you will never regret, what a wonderful form of expression!