Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bento Crazy

I have recently been re-exposed, via surfing, to Bento boxes.

I have fallen into an obsession with them. Go ahead check out flikr. They are so cool. So after a few days of drooling over them online. I placed a big order from Ichibankan. I am so thrilled with the bentos and bento accessories, that I just placed another order. Yes, I ordered more before the girls even used their new Bento boxes for the first time.

Okay, enough "talk". Here is the eye candy.

This one is Megan's Bento. Most of the contents are self explanatory. The leaf shapes are cut out fruit leather and the white ones are Vermont cheddar cheese. Underneath the ham and scattered throughout are grapes to help keep things in place. She also will take a juice box.

Morgan has pretty much the same, except that she wanted both Vermont cheddar and sharp cheddar and a few Triscuits. Same deal with the grapes for stability.

Melissa's has American cheese, Annie's bunny crackers and salami added.

I would love to show you a picture of all the goodies that we ordered, but my girls tore through the box way too fast. LOL. Maybe I can get a pic of the next order...


Rosemary said...

Oh great, something new for me to purchase - you little enbabler you! Looks fun to play with.

Karen said...

I'm back in Tokyo!!!!