Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Reading, Messes, Bento Box Source

Tonight was one of those moments that you have to look around and sigh a HUGH sigh of contentment. All of us finished dinner and went into our family room and READ books. We read for about a hour and a half. 90 minutes. Everyone engrossed in their own fantasy. I was deep in the middle of the earth with fairies, trolls, goblins and a couple of MUD MEN (we know them as humans). Artemis Fowl is indeed a foul little boy. (Morgan turned me onto this series - duh.) Melissa was under trash in a dump with the Littles. Morgan was deep into INKDEATH and Megan is in her drama series. (I just can't "get" those.) Danny was infiltrating a gun running organization.
We are quite a diverse family.
The only reason it came to an end was bed time for the girls. I was so thrilled that we were all reading. It made my little heart swell with hope for the perfect family. Hey, stop laughing. It could happen. Maybe. In a book. Somewhere.
Anyway, all the girls are tucked in. The TV is on and I am blogging. SIGH.
Here are a couple tidbits for you:
This is the mess I made while making my Beautiful little album pictured here. This was one of the most enjoyable times I have had scrapping alone. You can see the paints, watercolor crayons, raw chipboard shapes, shapes in progress. All sorts of fun things. I loved it.

I have been asked where I got my Bento boxes. Go here. If you scroll down there are different categories listed on the left hand side. This is the least expensive site I have found. They also have a large collection from which to choose your toys. There are stores on ebay, but the bento stuff costs more. And who doesn't like to save a few pennies.

If you are interested in checking out a couple of sites that talk about or exhibit their "art" work in bento boxes, go here OR here for many tips on packing bentos, OR here if you want to look at bentos and cupcakes. There are thousands of blogs and flikr groups. Have fun.

Let me know if you find someplace interesting. I would love to see it too.

Also let me know if you get into this weird obsession.
Weirdness likes company too.

P.S. Rosemary - check your mail box.

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Rosemary said...

I think the mental picture of your family all sitting around reading is wonderful.

Also, a creative mind has a messy desk - it's a fact, go look it up. er...honest.