Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Book

I used my bind it all on this one. I just took 12x12 cardstock. Folded up at the 4 inch mark. Printed out each month on plain white cardstock. Trimmed. Punched the holes into the book. Glued the months down. Covered chipboard with festive b-day colored paper. And assembled.

The plan is to make b-day cards and put them into the book to be ready for the year. I also hope to address and stamp them so they are ready to go. On time. For a change. I still have birthdays to add. And I have to finish the cover. But, so far so good. If you don't count the fact that I didn't send Dad a b-day card. We gave him his b-day gift while we were there for Christmas.


Rosemary said...

Oh, that is cuter than I'd imagined (and I imagine pretty well). It counts that you got your Dad's gift to him while there, sure that counts. Now just make sure to make a really really boootiful card for June. Yeah, early June. hee hee

Good photography of the project by the way!

Jeanne Ann said...

Okay, so loving the birthday card album! That is so cute and I think I am gonna have to lift it! Plus kudos on the Project 365 start. I am also doing it w/o the CK kit as I have tons of stuff to use instead. After completing the Deck of Me I am way ready to tackle another year long project.

Thanks for the inspiration!