Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow. At the beach. Sounds wrong, doesn't it?

I am being forced to take the day off from work today. (Thank you for the heavy sigh. I really appreciate the sympathy.) The Hampton Roads area is expecting a winter storm. Sounds pretty dangerous, doesn't it?! Don't let panic take hold of you. We will be fine. The schools all over the area have closed in anticipation of the storm. It is roughly 9:30am, and so far no snow. I am home from work with 3 anxious little girls, and there is no snow. Keep in mind that we are only expecting 1-3" of this demon, frozen water. This area just isn't equipped to handle it. We don't get that much snow normally. And when we do, everything shuts down.

Except for WALMART. I took the girls there at 8am to get another mouse. DD2 and DD3 have been fighting over the disco mouse that DD2 got for Christmas. And DD3 didn't have one at all. Santa really didn't think this one out. We also got Igor, City of Ember and a Wii game. The girls are all watching Igor. So, I am typing this from my daughter Melissa's netbook. The home computer s#cks. I have given up on using it. I have ordered a beautiful laptop from HP. It should ship by January 27. I LOVE this little acer ASPIRE ONE, but it just doesn't have enough power for me. Plus my hands get cramped after a few minutes of typing on this little keyboard. But, it is better than that piece of junk sitting in the computer cabinet.

Anyway, my new computer will have 3G to think with and 250G to store things and run other programs. It's a 14 inch little beauty. Onyx. Bluetooth. Okay, I have to stop, cuz that's all I know. I got it for a pretty good price. $686 after taxes. Free shipping. The price was so good, that I ordered myself an iTouch too. I ordered both of these awesome little toys on Friday of last week. The iTouch showed up yesterday. I am so kicking myself for not getting one sooner. I am loving my little toy. And I haven't even tapped into it's potential. I am so thrilled that I have it for my Cruise in a couple of weeks.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I am going on a cruise the first week of February. Danny refuses to go on a cruise with me. My girlfriend Stephanie presented an opportunity to go on one, and I jumped. I am SO EXCITED. We are flying into Orlando and the ship sails out of Port Canaveral. She is flying in on Saturday. Me on Sunday. We will stay with her son, Marc, and his wife Sunday night. The cruise leaves Monday and returns to Port Friday after taking us to the BAHAMAS. If I like the island, I am going to try to convince Danny to go with me via airplane.

More later. Gotta see what is going on with the girls...

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