Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ready, set to go in 5 days

I am so very ready for this vacation. I haven't had a vacation without kids or hubby in along time. Since right after we got married. I'll tell you about the Alaska trip another time.

I am ready to leave them all for a week. Let them see how I cater to them. I am tired of being the only one that can come up with an idea for dinner. Only to have it shot down like an enemy plane. I am tired of not being able to make what I want to for dinner. Because this one doesn't like it and that one doesn't FEEL like having it and the other one had it for lunch.

I am ready to take care of myself. I am ready to take responsibility for my actions. And only mine. I am ready to only worry about getting myself out the door. I am ready to take only what I will need for the day. I am ready to cut only my meat at mealtime.

I will be a better mother when I return from my vacation. I will be ready to cater to them again.

But for now, I NEED to pamper myself. I am getting the fake nails. I am taking 3 bathing suits. I am going to shop this week for another cute outfit. Even if I have enough clothes as it is. I just want something new to wear. Heck, I may go wild and get two new outfits. And shoes. Gotta get new shoes. So I need the pedicure too. And better see if Robby can fit me in for a hair appt.

Sorry if I sounded whiney just now. I am normally not a whiney person. I will stop now.

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