Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ease(l) into Fall...

Ease(l) into Fall, that's the prompt over at OPUS GLUEI this week. Initially, I thought I would make an easel card. I've been enamored with them for a little while now, and this seemed like a really great time to just "DO IT", so to speak. But, as you all know, that's not how the creative mind works.

Sure, I had the mechanics all plotted out, and have the papers pulled. Along with a couple of stamps too. But then a light bulb went bright in my little brain, and it isn't a card.

I went literal with this one. And decorated a little canvas which sits upon a little easel. Not too original, but I think it turned out very cute. And I am the one that has to be pleased, so it's a WINNER.

No rhyme or reason to the assembly. I just opened up the left-over container. You know the one, the stash of little things that almost made it onto a project, but didn't, and you just can't bring yourself to throw away, cuz you just might need it someday things. Yeah, that one. Anyway, I started with a forest scene, in my head. And then started with a little watercolor on the canvas. Then a layer of workable fixative, because we all know how my plans take turns and twists. When I spotted the sandpiper (a Tyggereye Art stamp) in the left-over tin, I knew that the scene had changed to the beach. Magic how it happens. Then I found that lovely flower/swirly chipboard piece, and the words, and the little diamond that just screamed to be added. And the little bunch of fall colored flowers, perfect.

And then I looked to my right, and there is my little jar with multi-colored tiny seashells.
Yup, they needed to go into the mix too.

I just love how it fits in with the little birdhouse I made.
They make me smile. And isn't that what this is all about. Making ME happy.

Thanks for sharing this little journey with me.

Have a wonderful day. Come over to OPUS GLUEI and play with us.
You should see Rosemary's projects. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.


Sian said...

Very cute projects Jana

Tyggereye said...

Too cute! Love the little easel. I have some of these! Great idea for a challenge/project.

Lori said...

These are SO cute! Love them. Huh, you must have the same left over container I do, except mine aren't in a container, they're all over the desk top....

Kathryn said...

These are so cute! The bird house is darling, too.

I've just started doing cards again, but simple ones, nothing on the scale of OG. :)

~amy~ said...

sista...that canvas is sooo fun....and your bird house...OMG...sassy-licious!!!

2amscrapper said...

I love how your creative mind works! Beautiful results--love both projects!

Electra said...

This is lovely! Especially the little shells and your watercolour work! I have an easel somewhere. And leftovers. Hmmm...
On another note, I've passed on a Cherry on Top award to you, but please don't feel you need to participate in the process. It's just my way of sending you a big hug, Jana.

Rosemary said...

Jana, I love your OG project - it is fun and colorful and artistic - just like you, my dear friend.

Where have you been hiding this birdhouse? I love how you just slipped it in here like - oh, this old thing. It's great too!

(loving all the little touches, I keep going back and seeing something else and saying - oh, that's my favorite bit, no, that one, yes, definitely THAT one..or it is that one. I love my self confusion.)

(and thanks for the sweet words about my easel cards)

Gini said...

Bright and GORGEOUS Mrs!

Mr Sandpiper is getting his nest ready with the most amazing colours and textiles to absolutely WOW the object of his affection Miss slinky sandpiper! How could she possibly resist him now :-)

Plus your amazingly happy (indeed) Birdhouse.
LOVE them both!

lauren said...

oooooooooooh! OOH OOH OOH OOH OOH!!!!! (ok, sorry, i went a bit "arnold horshack" there for a minute!) ♥WOW♥!!!! this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! both in terms of how it LOOKS (gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous, cool, beachy, marvelous) and work the way i work, right down to the "junk bowl" with all the little leftovers in it that once a week or so i empty onto a project which morphs 3 or 4 times before it is done!!! ♥♥♥!