Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's on your desk Wednesday - Wordless

It really should be Speechless Wednesday for this picture.
I mean, really, is my work desk EVER like this.
Uhhhh, NO!
Neither is my crafting desk, but that's for another Wednesday.
On a rare occasion in the not too distant past, I could see my desktop.
For a brief moment. Long enough to take a picture anyway.
Today, I cannot. Unless I look at this picture.
So, perhaps it should be Fantasy Wednesday.
Call it what you will, all of the things you see are still here. Just "enhanced" a bit. LOL.
(Good thing you can't see to the right, or behind me.)


Rosemary said...


My fantasy Wednesday would be if my craft room were tidy. Maybe I should dream bigger...

Margaret said...

oh my, now that is tidy!! I often forget what colour my desk is such is the (ordered) mess! Mx