Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Inchies

My obsession with inchies is nowhere near being over.
So, you'll just have to look at them, cuz I'm going to keep posting them.
I have signed on with SEVERAL SWAP-BOT inchie swaps.
The first ones I did, I only made the inchies I sent off.
What a mistake.
I made the coolest NUMBER inchies and mailed them off without remembering to take a picture.
Well, I have developed a fool proof method for not letting that happen again.
I am making an extra set for me.
Genius, isn't it. LOL
NOT only do I not feel mailers remorse for letting them go,
BUT, I can go back a take pictures whenever I want to,
AND I am approaching my goal that much faster.
Heck, I might have to make 2 canvases....
ANYWAY, here are the inchies I made for the SUMMER INCHIE SWAP on SWAP-BOT.
You know the ones for ELECTRA.
(I apologize if I have ruined the surprise for you. I hope you would have gotten them by now.)


Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I made this set that I decided to make a set for me.
Oh well, I can duplicate them. I mean, after all, I have a picture of them.
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Electra said...

Woo Hoo! for me? You didn't spoil the surprise AT ALL. This IS the surprise. By the time Canada Postgets them here, we'll all be snowed under and I wouldn't want to trudge through the snow to the mailbox anyways. They're awesome!!
Lucky me, lucky me! Can you sse me doing my happy dance-oof-I tripped. No wait, I'm up again. Happy, happy, happy!!

Marion E. said...

I love this cuties.. W
hat a stunning projects you made!
So great never seen them before!
Thanks for joining us at Shelley's Images TTT.
Hugs Marion

Shelly's Images said...

Hi Jana! :)

These are super cute. I haven't ever seen inchies before either. This is completely new to me.

Thanks for joining us again this week at Shelly's Images for our Thursday Challenge. I love visiting your blog and love reading your posts.

Lori said...

Oh, these are awesome! At least it's a good addiction...I think.... lol!

Sammibug said...

I absolutely love inchies and used to make them all the time! You did a fabulous job on these! Some very creative ideas, here! Awesome! Thank you for joining in our Terrifically Thrilling Thursday Challenge at Shelly's Images.

Rosemary said...

I love how these came out! I can't pick a fave anymore, I love them all. I like addition of the bow to the flower bouquet and your bathing beauties too. But I guess if pressed, the fish makes me smile!

Tyggereye said...

These are so cool!! I love them! The crab is totally my fav. I wish I could have seen the other ones. I hate when I do that. And I do that often when I sent out something and forget to take pics.

Scrappy said...

Jana these are SO CUTE!!! :) Electra is right to be excited!! Awesome project!

Thanks so much for joining in the fun for TTT at Shelly's Images! Hope you'll join us again (tommorrow!!!) for the new TTT at Shelly's Images!

Shar said...

Fantastic inchies! All so cool!