Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Mid-Summer Night's Dream Blanket

The Order of the OPUS GLUEI has set the theme this week as A MID-SUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. The sky is the limit. Summer, fairies, dreams, forests, even jack-asses. Let your imagination run with this one. Mine did...

My thoughts immediately went to fairies and FLOWERS. Flowers in their hair. Dunno why, just did.

I have seen so many beautiful things being made using these big flowers. Scarves mostly, but I really can't see myself wearing one of those made with these flowers. What I could see was me reading a book under a flower blanket. So I am making it happen.

I still have a ways to go on it. I am not sure how big it'll end up being. I'll decide later. When it gets bigger. I'll be sure to post the finished blanket.

Then I'll start another one. In bright colors. With a slightly different pattern. This one is my practice blanket. My first flower had too many petals. It has 16. You only want 12. Makes it perfect for joining them together. But I LOVE these colors, so I stuck with them.

So I looked at more of these gorgeous creations, and studied them a little. If you remember, I suffer from icandothatitis, so I won't allow  myself to actually buy a pattern, so I am looking at pictures of them and coming up with my own pattern. It's been a trial and error. I keep seeing things that I want to change. But eventually, I'll get it.

Have you got a MID-SUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM? Head over to OPUS GLUEI and share yours with us all.


smurfing-time said...

Hi Jana, I am following this blog now :) I think this one is have much common posting with mine...I've been following your paper crafting blog via, and I didn't visit enough :( since I am not really into paper crafting...Really love the way you posting your project!

Rosemary said...

Your blanket is going to be beautiful and perfect for a chill in the air.

Electra said...

I had to come over and say how pretty I think your rosettes are and how envious I am that you can crochet like this. Did I tell you the last time I tried to knit a sweater one boobie was bigger than the other? How does that even happne?

Sian said...

I can't wait to see your finished Midsummers Blanket! A flower blanket to read under sounds like a very romantic thought!