Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I didn't file my report last week. Just didn't do it.

So this week, I have a lot to show.

I started this project. I'll show you the finished project next week (or so).

Melissa wanted me to make her a composition notebook cover. She said she thinks mine is cool. How could I say no??? She wanted purples and blues. I added the sugar skulls. This kid has had skulls on her shoes for a couple of years now. Who knew there were so many different pairs of shoes with skulls???

I finally made myself an embroidery pouch. It's about 12 inches square. I couldn't decide which fabric to use, so I used them both. It's a very simple bag. But colorful.

You have to know by now that when I finished my embroider pouch, Melissa wanted one a bit smaller for a pen/pencil pouch. It's called "Alien Guts".

And here are the Alien Guts. In case you ever wanted to know what's inside aliens.

And here is the reason for all of these smaller projects.

HST's being sewn.


HST's right before the cutting.


HST's bring opened and finger pressed.
I didn't take a picture of the ironing. But it happened.


HST's to be trimmed to size.
The little pile in the front is what I have trimmed so far.
It's going to take a little while.

I was inspired by THIS QUILT.


Little mocked up block. I couldn't wait to see how they would look.

And here is my cheap version of a digi mocked up quilt.
The plan is to use various shades of red squares.

My nephew is getting married in July. I really want to make a quilt for him and his bride. BUT, the grays get to me after a little and I have to take a "Color" break.

Thus the reason for all of the "other" projects thrown in here.

My oldest looked at the Going Coastal project and said, "No wonder you never get anything finished." She's NOT a quilter. At all. 
And with that attitude, she never will be one.  


Allison said...

love the other fabrics you have paired up with the Going Coastal {one of my absolute fav collections!} I'm soooo curious what you are making with them :)

Rosemary said...

Yes, she will not be a crafter (not just a quilter) if she thinks we only have one project going at a time. LOL

These look marvelous - I love the bags (esp. the Alien Guts). I would need a color intervention as well with that much gray, but the finished product is going to be gorgeous.

Rosemary said...

Oh, and I forgot the book cover! Love the bright happy colors and a cute skull - who'd have thunk it?

Melanie said...

Yeah, she'll never be a REAL crafter if she finishes every project she starts. There's no fun in that!

I'm eager to see your Going Coastal quilt! I've cut out my pieces for my Going Coastal, but I haven't started sewing yet. It's a fun line right?

Marion said...

I know of the hst dulldrums.... I finally made fronds with hst ;) Going Coastal is awesome! I just finished a surf board quilt for my hubby with it and am going to make a quilt for charity with the scraps. It's probably going to be a hst quilt ;)

Electra said...

You have some spectacular fabrics going on here, Jana! And I Love the grey. Love it.