Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday, Bagels, Lucky Me

I am sitting inside my office wishing my life away. I know I should not wish my life away, but I can't help it. I really don't want to be here. I want to go home and play. I haven't played in a while (about a week) and I miss it. I just haven't had the energy. I am going to get the energy this weekend. I WILL. I MUST. I NEED TO.

Melissa has been a pistol this week.
She demanded a bagel. We didn't have any, so I made her a "bagel". I cut a hole in a piece of toast. She was happy with it. She really isn't a "slow" kid. Just very stubborn. And imaginative.

Last night she comes out of my room with my purse in her hand.

"Mom, your purse is heavy."

"Melissa, please go put my purse back."

"Mom, I think I dislocated my shoulder."

Melissa is 8 years old. I see med school in her future.

Night before last we are all in the car coming home from dinner at Ensenada Mexican Restaurant (YUMMY). Her sister Morgan (M2) has been a pain in the a$$ for the last couple of days. I think she is getting ready for the curse to woman kind. ARGH. (Setting the mood.)

Melissa (M3) and oldest sister Megan (M1) are in the middle seats of our Ford Freestyle. Morgan (M2) is in the back most seat. None of the girls are talking to each other. All of the sudden M2 farts pretty loud. She snickers. A few moments later I hear her sniff, followed by maniacal laughter. I KNOW what has happened. I KNOW what is going to follow. I brace myself, and start breathing through my mouth. About 10 seconds pass and we hear:

"Uhhhh, SWEET JESUS," from M3.

I try to supress laughter while thinking "Where did she learn that? We DON'T say things like that." About the time my thoughts have finished, her father, my DH, utters:

"Good God Morgan."

Now you know.

I haven't gotten a chance to do much of anything creative. I did start a mini album that I had initially intended to send to my mother. But now I cannot part with. I will post those pages when I get the chance. I used my Bind-It-All and some Dollar Tree envelopes, Basic Grey's Color Me Silly line of paper, Staz-On Black Ink and some Autumn Leaves stamps. I put pictures of the girls at the beach from a couple of trips last summer. I really like the way it turned out.

Here is the inside of my fridge from last Sunday. I took this as part of the Overlooked Challenge.
And here are the magnets which adorn the outside of the fridge.
(Yes, I know the grill on the bottom is FILTHY. I'll get to it. Someday.)
Oddly, and luckily, enough, the girls decided to clean-up the frigde magnets the day before I knew that this was one of the challenge subjects.
Lucky me.

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