Monday, March 10, 2008

Mother's Intuituion Unrecognized

I must have been channeling "something" this past week. A lot of my thoughts were toward my baby girl. I should have known that "something" would be up with her. But, NOOOO, I didn't pay attention to my little voice. If I had, I wouldn't have been surprised, and almost interupted, in bed at 11pm Friday night. (Good thing I was being stubborn with DH. ;-D)
Melissa came down and told us her tummy was hurting her. So we let her into our bed and asked the usual questions. What did you have for lunch? (We knew what she had for dinner, we fed it to her. AND to her sisters. Neither of which were in our room complaining of upset tummies.) We also asked her if she felt like she was going to throw-up. And not a minute too soon. She jumped out of our bed, THANK YOU GOD, and ran to the bathroom. Mount Melissa continued to erupt until 9am. No swim lessons for her. (That would have been "fun", wouldn't it have been?!?!?!)
Saturday was spent trying to get her to sip on liquids and eat boring food. She had NO appetite all day. But oddly enough, NO fever either. Sunday came and she was back to her normal cheery self. Happy dance time.
This morning she was complaining of a sore throat, which I chalked up to allergies. I popped an Alavert into little mouth (one of the orally disinegrating type, LOVE those) and tried to get her to eat breakfast. Normally she can polish off two Hot Pockets, today she didn't eat a bite. Said her throat hurt too much. So being the caring and understanding mother that I am, I took her temperature and promptly cursed out loud. Darn if the little angel didn't have a temp of 100.4. Just barely too high for school. She didn't seem right either. So I called into work. AGAIN. Somehow her throat is now feeling better. She still has a fever even after ibuprofen. It never did go under 99.4. She is now playing with her sister.
I decided to play today too, since I was home and she wanted me in the same room with her. I got out the beading supplies and made these necklaces. Two of them have matching earrings. (Still have to finish the one pair.) And one has a matching bracelet. I really had fun.
I was inspired by SUPERHERO DESIGNS.
I really like the necklaces on this site, but can't justify the price. On myself.

So I made a couple of my own with the beads I had on hand. I enjoyed it so much, and I have enough beads to make a few more, so I am contemplating opening an ETSY Store of my own. What do you think?
These are really bad photos. I'll take better ones if I ever figure out how.


Rosemary said...

Hey, these look great! Yes, open an Etsy store for yourself - your work is very good.

Now, about little one - poor thing. I hope she feels better tomorrow. Don't worry about work, it will always be there.

Amy said...

hope your daughter is feeling better soon...and go for it with the ETSY..I used to bead a lot...I'm actually teaching a class in April...but kind of stopped when I started getting into scrapbooking..