Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blog, blog, blog

I want to update this blog more frequently.
I want to post (brag) layouts, projects and creations.
I want to vent.
I want to do a lot of things.
But, I can't wanna get motivated.
I keep trying to want to get motivated. I think that aliens have abducted my brain. They don't want me spreading my personal brand of sunshine.

I have decided to book my family some mini-vacations this year.

So far, NOTHING to brag about. And I want to brag.

January we had Melissa's birthday outing to Laser Quest. And Danny had to go to Hawaii for a week on business. (poor guy)

February we had NOTHING to brag about.

March was the Michael Buble concert. OH YEAH, that is one to brag about. On top of being a cutie pie, he puts on a GREAT show too.

(I am not counting the everyday/week activities of the girls for this drill.)

April has us attending events (singing concerts, horse riding lessons, swim lessons, my belly dance lessons) every weekend, so this month is out.

May - now this looks good. (or so I thought...)

I managed to pull the stick out of my "ear", and booked a room for the first weekend in May at the Great Wolf Lodge. We are all very excited about this. (Naturally I am concocting a mini book project to take along to commemorate the occasion.) So, the first weekend in May is taken.

Admit it, this looks like FUN.

Then I find out/remember that the Girl Scout Camping trip is the second weekend in May. AND I find out that Melissa's troop is planning a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for the third weekend in May. And of course there is Memorial Day. We almost always have a cook-out to set SUMMER into motion. MAY IS BOOKED. HURRAY. I am starting to think I have a life.

(Don't burst my bubble just yet. Let me bask in the glory of a "LIFE" for a little while longer. Don't make me return to reality for a bit longer.)

Funny how when it rains, it pours.

June is the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Chantilly Virginia. I am taking Megan (my 13 year old) and we are meeting up with her Godmother, Rosemary. We are going up Thursday for the pre-show crop. We have classes booked for most of the days both Friday and Saturday.
Anyone else going to be there? Let me know. We should "High Five" in the hallway. The week after that Danny is taking Megan to an INDY race in Richmond. This will be the third year they have gone together. I LOVE that they have a tradition too. Danica rocks.

I tend to want to plan the rest of my life, so I will stop here. (For now) July will have to wait until I come up with a theme for Danny's birthday party...


Rosemary said...

Hey, that place does look fun! take me take me

Dianna said...

I'm flipping exhausted just reading this....I need a nap*!*
(you're making me feel lazy ;)

Amy said...

It gets a little overwhelming when you look at it long term like that lol...but good for you and yes the GWL looks like lots of fun!

Marfa said...

Your recipes in that other post look awesome!

It's good to be busy!

Froggy said...

your coming up to PA??? The Lodge is 10 mins from me. LOL!! I want to go stay one night and go play in the indoor waterpark..we haven't had a chance yet but it looks so fun!!

Froggy said...

oh your going to another one!! LOL!! Still looks fun!!! :)