Monday, April 21, 2008

Catching up on the Last Weeks events...

Have I mentioned that my middle daughter has an angelic voice?!
She was in 4 different chorus groups this year. Her elementary chorus, the Select Corale for our city, the All City Chorus and the All State Chorus. Here is a picture of her performing with the All State Chorus. They sounded amazing. I had to miss the All City performance because one of the other girls was sick that day. (But let's face it, the odds were in favor of something happening to interrupt at least one of her performances.) Children from all over the state met for one day to rehearse and perform. I am very impressed with the coordination that went into this event.

And Megan was in the All City chorus. Hers wasn't any less impressive. I have no idea where my girls get their beautiful voices from, certainly not me or their dad....

I talked about the Science Fair. Here is Morgan, my cutie pie, with her display and her First Place Ribbon.

And here is Melissa, my other cutie pie. 2nd grade still does class projects and they don't get judged until next year.

Megan made her first cake by her self. I was in the house, but not hovering like normal. She really impressed me. Except that she made Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate Fudge frosting. Not my fav. I know you are all saying, "Oh my gosh, how can she not LOVE that?!?!?!". Well the truth is, I really like yellow cake with chocolate frosting. But not just any yellow cake. It has to be the moist, dense yellow cake. Anyway, didn't she decorate it great. She took a cookie cutter and used it to guide the sprinkles into the Mickey Mouse shape. Clever isn't she?!?!?!

And here is Morgan making her car for the Powder Puff Derby.
Danny showed her how to use the sander, and she went to town. I am really proud of her.
(We watched her like hawks watch defenseless little bunnies.)

Melissa and Danny made Banana Cream Parfaits.
They turned out very yummy.
I have finally put the Easter Bunny decoration away.
In case you were wondering.

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