Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Love you.

I have a little special ritual with my "baby". She is actually my oldest, but will ALWAYS be my "baby". I am going to be one of those mothers that won't let go without a fight. She is in middle school. It isn't "COOL" to hug and kiss your mom and dad anymore. (we lost our "Mommy" and "Daddy" titles too :-( in this evolution.) So I started doing hand signs to her. (Not that kind, okay, not to her face, and only in my mind, and only when she is being a, well, a.....teenage girl.)
The rituals goes like this: I will quickly point to my eye, then my heart and then to her. She is okay with this. She will then quickly point to herself and then hold up 2 fingers. I love this little ritual. I know she does too, because she ALWAYS looks back at me when we part for the day. And SMILES. REALLY BIG.
The other two are still little enough for hugs and kisses.
So I am taking all I can get. Until we have to start the ritual.
I also have started using my paper scraps and left over die-cuts and stickers (plus the little stickers that I won't use) to make these little love notes.
AMY gave me the idea. I know that after reading your BLOG one day a while back, a light bulb went off in my tiny little brain. I don't remember what it was that sparked my inspiration, but I remember that it was your BLOG that did it. So, Thank you Amy. (Go over and check out her BLOG, if you haven't already. It is VERY inspiring.)
This is the one I sent with them on St. Patricks Day. (I really am the lucky one.)
They didn't even mind that I wrote the same thing on each one of their notes.
(I am not a morning person. And I forgot to write them out the night before. Silly me.)
Anyway, back to the love notes. I have taken to include them in their lunches and after school snacks. Danny and I both work, so they go to an after school program. They REALLY like these little written reminders. They told me so. (Can you feel me smiling at this?!?!?!?) Oh, and I don't send them everyday. Only every once in a while. Makes them a surprise when the girls do get them. Sneaky of me, isn't it???????
Here is the set of ATC's I sent for a DISNEY SWAP on the CK message board. I don't really go to that MB, but Rosemary put me up to it. I have to admit that I enjoyed this one. And I LOVE all the cards I got in return. I will show them another day.


Michele said...

My mom used to put little notes in my lunches, too! I loved it.
Michele :)

Michie said...

Those notes are really cute. What a good idea for my leftover scraps of paper!

Isn't always the little things that mean the most?