Monday, April 21, 2008

Powder Puff Derby 2008 - 4th Annual

Four months of planning and preparing paid off.
This was another successful derby. This year we placed a Tropical Theme on top of the car theme. And what a hit it was.

Saturday was the fourth annual Powder Puff Derby.
Tiaras and Trophies for the winners.
Trophies were a great deal at Riherd's.

Melissa got to play with the cars before we put the goodie bags together.
Goodie bags for every participant.
Contents obtained thru Oriental Trading Company.
The design in the middle is the patch for this event.
Girl Scouts LOVE their patches. Got them from The Patch Place.

There were 78 racers this year.
Morgan's car is the black one in the lower right corner.
She really did a great job.
Between heats.

It was great fun. The girls enjoyed watching their cars race.
Lots of rave reviews.


Amanda said...

I am thinking about organizing a powder puff derby for our area girl scouts. I would love to have your advice!
Amanda Mason

Anonymous said...

I think this would be alot of fun
and would like to organize one for my girls to. Could you give me info on how you put this together. I would rally appreciate it. My home e-mail address is

Thank you!!!!

Adventure of the Hoffman family said...

We are in our 3rd year of putting this event on for Girl Scouts in our area. It has grown to be a huge event... attracting 195 girls this year. We organize our data in excel and we use 2 tracks. With our large success I suggest giving out tasks and have meetings to update the group or troop. We hold the event with another troop and have taken on another to organize this year. The girls absolutely love this event. They are so creative we had to include trophies for design! Kudos to you for doing this event. I am glad to see there are others interested in doing this event. It is well worth the work you put into it. We did buttons this year instead of ribbons thinking the girls would like to have these on their s.w.a.p. hats! We will see how that works out! KUDOS TO YOU ALL FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASM!