Sunday, September 6, 2009

Opus Gluei Challenge #23

Flowers. So many different thoughts come to mind. I love me some flowers.
I made this card.

(Papers are all old Daisy D's. Stamp is Unity. A few dew drops and some thin ribbon. Card stock is unknown. I have had it forever. Sketch is from Sheetload of Cards. Read below for more info.)

Actually it is one of a set of six. I think I will make it a gift for a friend. We exchange gifts every year for Christmas. Not expensive ones. Just little somethings that say "I thought of you". So I am sending her these. I hope she likes them. But if she doesn't, she will be giving them away anyway, so no biggie. Right?!?!?!

I found this wonderful blog. Sheetload of Cards. I know that some of you have already been there, done that. But for me it was like striking gold this morning. I used their pattern from September of 2008. Yup. I went over there and browsed back to then. I would have gone further, except that none else in this family was gonna make these cards, so I had to save the rest for later oogling.


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

I am a flower girl too, luv em...your card is beautiful..I see you are from VA, so I'm I...if you have time stop by my blog and visit!

enjoy *~*

Gini said...

Hi Jana, thank you for visiting me and your very kind and encouraging comments, I do so appreciate them.
I really enjoyed joining in the challenge gimme five.
I hope to join in more but I'm a really slow crafter and a week deadline is a bit tight for me, I seem to spend so long on the pondering stage...and then I have to spend days unconsciously pondering how I will word the post. I don't consciously plan what I'm going to say but when I'm finally ready and sit down to write a post it all pours out of somewhere shiny and usually leaves me quite surprised by the result. Still I hope I can get faster as I become a more experienced crafter.

I LOVE the way the bird is peeping out at the bottom of your card, it's like he's saying
"I'm shy but I really wanted to say Hi!"

Oh, and I can so relate to the amount of time that can be swallowed up by surfing, but it's so fascinating and there are so many interesting things and blogs and wonderful creativeness to investigate, I could literally spend days surfing, it's like a black hole for time. My favourite surfing game at the moment is to visit someones blog that I "know" through crafting blogland and then go visit someone in their sidebar of crafting blog friends and keep repeating that (i.e. on the new blog I look at their blog then visit someone at random in their sidebar). I end up stumbling upon some fab blogs that I would never have found otherwise. Now that I've got a blog myself I'm not so shy at leaving comments, I can even really ramble on sometimes *cough*

Happy Crafting and surfing Jana!

brenda said...

What a gorgous card Jana, just stumbled across your blog but so I did as you have some great artwork.

B x

Gini said...

Thank you for telling me about the no pressure timescales on Opus Gluei challenges Jana! I'm sure I'll be able to manage working to those guidelines!!