Sunday, September 13, 2009

Opus Gluei Challenge # 24 - Learning

All of us learn new things. We might not realize it, but we learn.

Right now I am learning to take care of me.

It isn't easy. I have to MAKE myself do things strickly for me.

As part of this process, and it is a process, I am taking a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking called

ME: The Abridged Version.

In the class we are making an entire album about ourselves. ME. I am having to learn again what matters to me. What makes me tick. What is important and what I like. AND I am having fun in the process.

So far, I have ALL of the pages created digitally.

That is to say that I have the basic pages laid out for each letter in the alphabet.

I only have a handful of them completed.

Getting them all done will take me a bit of time as I have to limit my time spent on this project to 20-30 minute chunks of time.

I will get it done AND I WILL get the pages printed and put into an album.
(You can see the "a" page in the below post.)

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