Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas weather we want it or, nah, we want it...

I grew up in sunny, warm San Diego. Christmas was warm. Sometimes we would play with the hose or have water ballon fights. (yup, we fought on Christmas. But it was all good.)

Fast forward many, many years and here I am in southern Virginia. While we are considered the south, we are north enough to get snow some years on Christmas. (Okay, so I can only remember snow ON Christmas one time.) Usually we only get a bit of a chill on Christmas.

Today, it is chilly and rainy. The kind of rain that soaks to the bone and refuses to leave. So, what is a girl to do????

Why, take the girls to a bookstore for a book and a cuppa tea.
Oddly enough, we are ALL reading Vampire books. And we need the next one in the Morganville series.
Christmas colors are red and green. There is red in the blood, and green in my face when I think about the blood.
So that makes these Christmas-ey books. No????

Gotta go. There are about a hundred more books calling to me too ......

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