Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Journal MY Christmas - Declaration

I am riding along with Shimelle this December/January in her Journal Your Christmas class. It's a GREAT deal. Why? You ask. Because you pay for one year and get, are you ready,
Yup, you are buying a life-time membership to the Journal Your Christmas Club. How stinkin' cool is that!!!

So, here is my Declaration:

I am going to enjoy Christmas, and all of the pagentry that goes along with it.

That's it. Oh, yeah, and along the way I am going to create an awesome little album about Christmas and all of the pagentry that goes along with it. I won't be stressing about getting the perfect picture. Or worried about getting the words down on paper well enough to impress Mrs. Brown from high school. (really I can't remember her name, but you know what I mean.) I also am not going to stress/worry/feel inadequate for scrap-lifting. No one who sees my album will know, and if I ever get a prize for it, I will acknowledge all the great, creative minds I can remember.

So, there it is. My December 2009 /January 2010 Declaration.

(note: By posting this a day late, I have already proven my commitment to my declaration. Just incase you were wondering how serious I was going to stay about this.)


Electra said...

If you ever go to scrap-lifting jail, I will bring you a cake with a play-dough file in it! That's what friends do.

Jana said...

All caution to the wind now....
Thanks Electra. Glad to know you've got my back. LOL