Monday, December 28, 2009

Jingle me happy

I love to blurf. I could waste days just cruising around other blogs. My fav's are crafty ones with a bit of life thrown in. Makes me feel normal. Those that include food, are just pure heaven. Anyway, I found JUST JINGLE in the past couple of months and have been visiting her regularly. She is witty and crafty and real. She hosted a Christmas swap, JINGLE SWAP 2009. Naturally I signed up. We were to send 10 items to our partner, 3 of which were to be handmade. Easy peasy.
I was partnered up with a woman who lives within a 30 minute drive. How cool is that!!! Once the hectic pace of the Holidays settles down, we may even try to meet for a coffee or two. Here are the wonderful goodies she sent to me.
Isn't that the most adorable Santa, the candle (made by her) smells delish, and the chocolates, 'nuf said...

And here are the goodies I sent to her. I sent her a handmade framed Christmas Tree, a set of Thank You cards that I made, and the flowers are actually pens. The cookies are my favorite this year, those snowmen just yelled to be hers, the blanket is one of the softest I have felt. You really can't tell but the mug is a little ornament, and the package next to it is a set of adorable erasers shaped like wonderful tasty desserts. I also included some sticky notes and a set of pens. You always have lists around this time of year. ( and the rest of the year too.)

If you remember, and I am sure you will because once you visit JUST JINGLE you are sure to keep going back, sign up for the JINGLE SWAP 2010. (Crossing my fingers that she'll host it again.)

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Rosemary said...

My dear friend, Jana, I always know that a visit to your blog will make me smile and feel warm inside and out - this is no exception. What a lovely box of goodies you sent to your person and I love what she sent you! You inspire me to try something new because you always find something cool and neat to do! (((((BIG HUGS)))))