Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out of this world Valentines

I was blurfing the other day, Tuesday, and found these wonderful little aliens. They all come with a jpg and png file. And they come black and white and colored in. AND there are background pages for each one of these little cutie pies.

Greebo T. Cat offers them as freebies. How cool is that??? She offers others as well. You really should go check out her blog. She posts some works made with her designs too.

If you know anything about Melissa, you know that she is not a primping, girlie kid. She is more into worms than fashion. So I thought these would be perfect for her Valentines.

While all 3 of my girls think these are really cute, Morgan and Megan are "too big" to give Valentines to their friends now. Their thought, not mine. I certainly don't think my babies are too old. I would gladly make these for them too. If they want me to. But they won't. (insert sad sigh)
So I am basking in the joy that is my youngest. And eating up every minute that she thinks I am still cool. Because all too soon, I won't know a darned thing.

(I used plain white cardstock. I wanted the candies to be very visible. I punched out a 2 inch scallop circle of pink patterned paper. I sized the aliens to fit into a 1 and 1/2 inch circle and printed 28 aliens onto white cardstock. I Stapled the scalloped circle and the white topper to the bag. That is the only attacher on the bag itself. Then I wrapped a 6 inch piece of ribbon around, adhering with my ATG. I colored all the little aliens with my Copic markers. Punched them all out and then punched a 1/16 inch hole to put the heart brad into before I used foam mounting tape (to cover staple marks) and stuck them onto the pink scallop circle. Now all they need is Melissa to sign the backs and give them to her friends.)

Candy choice was Melissa's. I would have gone for chocolate, but there is no accounting for taste, so she got conversation hearts. Megan thinks they smell like a 3rd grade classroom. (?????)


Electra said...

I'm with Melissa. Granted, they taste like ca-ca, but when else can you justify getting them except for Valentine's? (and for the record, don't put them on a scrapbook page. Believe me, I know.)

Electra said...

PS, feel free to use the pic of the cartoon art on my blog. The security guard at the art gallery will never know.

Rosemary said...

LOL - at both the post and Electra's comments. Well, I suppose there are worse smells attributable to a third grade classroom so the powdery, sugary smell of conversation hearts is pretty good all around. The treat bags are so cute, her friends will love them (or else, lol).

You are doing great with your Copics and apparently enjoying yourself thoroughly!

Wendy said...

checking in with ya! love your little valentine's. your much better than me! store bought little plastic goody bags from Target...just don't have time to make cute handmade stuff.

Kristen said...

I love all your out of this world valentines! and those heart tins are great as well.
I look at your stuff, and think, WOW all this stuff is just too cute!

have a great weekend, Jana!