Friday, October 5, 2012

Mini Eye Candy Quilt Swap

I haven't fallen off the face of the internet. I have been busy doing things. I'm a full time worker bee in the finance department for a government agency and it's the end of the fiscal year. 'Nuff said there.

I'm also soccer momming. Two of the three girls are playing soccer. There's practice Mon-Thursday nights. There's also tutoring on Wednesday. And soccer games on Saturdays. Usually at different times, unless they are at different fields. Then they are at the same times.

I have been sucked into the swapping vortex. I was in a Fabulous Mini Quilt Swap. The quilts have been mailed and received. It was one of those mystery swaps. I didn't know who had my name until I got a package in the mail. (You'll see that in a minute.)

I'm a little late posting, but here's the mini I sent to my partner.

It was a pleasure to make for her. I knew she liked bright colors. And this design just popped into my head.
The circles are padded with an extra layer of batting and then hand appliqued onto the top. Then I hand quilted circles onto the background.
Here's my pathetic label. (You'll see what I mean in a minute.)
 I need more practice with freehand stitch writing. It's not horrible, but it could be better.
Here's the beauty I received. It came all the way from England.

It has an OWL. It's bright and cheery. There's embroidery. It has an OWL. Those pinwheels are 3-D. It's an amazing work of Art. I am so honored to have this in my Studio. I LOVE this mini quilt. Oh, and the fabric is so soft. And the embroidery is PERFECT. I marvel at the stitching.

And just check out the label. And that wonderful pieced back. (Now you see what I mean about my needing a bit more practice?!?!?!)

The label is an OWL. And there's embroidery. And it's GORGEOUS.

But that's not where this ends. Look at the extra loot I received. (I am really very lucky to have had such a wonderful partner.)

The pouch has a clear vinyl front. The pincushion and the needle book both have those amazingly clever pinwheels. AND just check out that adorable mushroom pin.

I loved every stage of this swap. Even the part where I was really nervous about what to make for my incredibly talented partner.

Oh, yeah. I also sent her some saltwater taffy, a postcard from the Outer Banks and this little mug rug.

This is one of those little projects that just came together with the scraps and leftovers on my sewing table. I LOVE it. And it sort of matched the mini, so it HAD to go to my partner.

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