Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lights, Motors, Action

Good Morning Sir. I realize that the report on Ship A is due, and the Admiral wants the status of Project S, but I can’t get to them until this afternoon. I have to update my blog.

Thank you for understanding. There are thousands (insert uncontrollable laughter here) of my fans counting on me. I told them there would be more and they are expecting more.

Do not try this at your place of work. It won’t work. It didn’t for me. Of course, it took place in my head, and NOT out loud. But, I think you see my point. Do I have a point?!?!
I have been caffeinated this morning. That’s what it is, CAFFEINE. ‘Nuf said here.

Okay on to the real stuff, my Giveaway. I think I need to make you work for it. Sorta. More of a guessing game. I will send this box off to the person who can guess my favorite thing about going to Disney. If someone guesses it today, then I mail the box tomorrow. (But I am pleading with you to take your time, I have to still pack the box.)
I will post a picture of the contents of the box tomorrow, or tonight. I will try tonight, but I have a sick hubby at home. (May as well be half a dozen sick kids at home, he is such a baby when he is sick. You would think he is on his death bed. UGH!!! Drives me nuts.) Anyhow, I will try to get the pic up tonight.

Well, no one else is gonna get the report on Ship A to my boss, or the status of Project S to the Admiral, so I better get movin……..

Oh yeah, the pic is one I just love. It isn’t the answer to my favorite thing about Disney. It is one of many favs. But there is ONE thing above all others that I just LOVE. It is on my must list when we go to Disney.
Good Luck with your guesses....


Anonymous said...

Is it the It's a Small World attraction?

I love that one as corny as it is because it makes me think of my childhood. No, we didn't live in a amusement park attraction or across the globe but it harkens to the 70's.

Love your blog, Jana!

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog - is the thing you like most at Disney Cinderella's castle?

Anonymous said...

Funnel cakes?