Thursday, February 21, 2008

Messy Me, Sick DD and Great Finds

I am late in posting today, but it still is Thursday, so I figure that I am doing well.
Daughter number 1 (D1) came home Tuesday afternoon with a slight headache. So like the good parents that we are, DH and I sent her to dance class and told her she would feel better with some activity. (Now, if you were to actually view DH and I, you would know that we are SO not experts in the area of physical activity, so how in the bleeping heck could we in good conscious make such a statement. I’ll tell you how, we paid for these classes, and they aren’t cheap.) Wednesday morning rolls around and D1 is moaning in pain. Her head hurts, her tummy is upset, her throat hurts and her nose is stuffed up. Just confirms my unknown until now theory, physical activity isn’t as good for you as they say. Anyhow, I called DH at work and gave him the news. I have to tell you that DH leaves for work before the birds wake up. We have to juggle our work schedules to accommodate the DD’s school schedules. The 2 younger ones start school at 8am and get out at 2:30pm and the older DD starts at 9:05am (weird huh?) and gets out at 3:40pm (weird again!). Anyhow, DH leaves the house at 5:50am (sick, if you ask me), and works from 6:30am to 3pm. This allows for him to pick up D1. There isn’t an after school program for middle school kids here. (The little ones go to an after school program until DH picks them up at 4ish.) OKAY – I get the girls up and going in the mornings. I get them up by 7 and the 2 littler ones on the bus by 7:30. Then take D1 to a before school program at the Y. Now the point to all of this is this: If one of the girls wakes up sick, I “get” to stay home with them. Hardly fair, in my opinion. So this time, I call DH and tell him he has to come home to take care of D1 so I can get to work. She is 13 and old enough to stay home alone for a while, but Mommy Bear can’t stand the thought of my sick baby being by herself for a minute, never mind for 30-45 minutes. So, I call my office and explain the situation. They are the BEST office in the world to work for.
Today, same thing. But this time I told DH to work until 11:30. This way we could BOTH get something done in the office. I know, I know, what a GREAT WIFE.

So, back to the good stuff. I promised a while back to post newer photos of my fabulous Scraproom. Well, here is the before organized Scraproom. I am taking Get Organized, Be Inspired through Big Picture Scrapbooking, so in another month (or so) I will post the after photos. Also, showing some great deals I got at Michaels. Don’t you just love the buttons in this glass bowl. I got it for $7. What a steal. And the container behind it was only $3. The bowl with the embroidery floss was only $7 too. And I got a really cool clock for $3. I am so happy with my deals. The framed butterflies are a spin on Ali Edwards' Weekend Creative Challenge from a week ago. I thought these little guys were bright and cheery and would look great in D2's room. (Okay, I admit, I had D1 in mind, but she doesn't want them. Brat.) Whadda ya think!!!

Gotta run for now. I will try to post again soon. Remind me to tell you about last weekends science experiments…….


Anonymous said...

I think your space looks fine - actually, it looks like you use it as opposed to those wannabes who just have all their stuff in containers to look pretty. Rock on, Jana!

Amy said...

ok I'm sorry your kids are sick, but I am officially moving in with you ...I'm going to live in your scraproom with your glass bowls of embroidery floss and buttons..

Dianna said...

Hope Amy doesn't mind company...
But *I* won't make noise, snore, or drink all of your coffee like she will.

I am soooooo jealous. I'm coming over to play tomorrow ;)