Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy February

Happy February. I can't believe that January is OVER. I have decided to post weekly. I might change my mind, but that remains to be seen, or not. So you can count on a post to this little blog about every Wednesday. I like Wednesdays. They are the Happy Little Hump Days. Everything is downhill from then on out. So, I choose Wednesdays. I may sneak a post in between Wednesdays, but I am going to commit to Wednesdays for now. I can't take the time needed for daily posts, so you will all have to find other ways to make up the remainder of your weeks. So sorry to let you all down, as I know that you hang on my every word and picture. ROFLMAO.

I made this Japanese Stab binding book for the BPS January Handmade Book of the Month Club. It isn't finished, but I like it so far. It is supposed to be a celebration of friendships. The handmade class relates to the Book Reading Club. I am going to make mine about me and my "Wild" adventures with my "Wild" girl friends. "Wild" being a relative term, in this case. Pretty tame really. But, once I remember Rosemary and I having several pitchers of Margaritas in one evening. We were a bit slow the next day. But really happy!!!

I am really enjoying taking the BPS classes. I like that I don't HAVE to do any of the work. Or even attend class, for that matter. I just HAVE to ENJOY it. Which I do. A lot. I have reached a point in my life in which I want to refine who I am. I am pretty much who I am at this point. But I need to polish up the rough edges and start SPARKLING.

These classes are all about ME. I guess I am comfortable now with concentrating on ME for short periods of time. My kids are old enough to get themselves a bowl of cereal, or heat up a hot pocket. Hubby, well, never mind. Let's just say he won't starve any time soon. But neither will I. I think I could last considerably longer, but this isn't a contest, so I won't go there.

Found a link, I think on Stacy J's website, to this cool little movie. You really have to check it out. It is PERFECT for this time in my selfish little life. Lots of pretty colors flying around on the screen. Thought provoking words whizzing by. It has me thinking in the right direction.

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This is great - love the style.