Saturday, March 6, 2010

Easter Cards and Tootsie Rolls

I have been noticeably absent from this blog. Once the Olympics started I became very much consumed and neglected my blog. (Gasp!) I know I said I was going to get back to "normal" (what is that anyway?) once the games ended, but I haven't been here. Last weekend was spent cleaning out Melissa's bedroom. I hope to NEVER do that again. It took 3 days to sort through her "STUFF". I hauled 6 bags to the thrift store and another 6 to the garbage. We found 2 loads of dirty laundry. AND (another excuse coming - brace yourself) Danny went out of town for the last week so, I have been playing single mom/taxi driver.

But, I have been absent and I apologize. I know you missed me. And I missed you too.
Okay, moving on. I want to say up front that I saw this idea on someone elses blog, but I can't remember where. I just know that I saw this and had one of those "I can do that" moments. The timing was perfect. Danny had just bought a Sam's bag of Tootsie Rolls. (What family REALLY needs one of those?) So, getting wrappers wasn't a problem. I had plenty of volunteers to help empty said wrappers too. AND I had just finished cleaning out Melissa's room where I found 3 D-ring belts that she didn't want any more. (Can you hear the angels singing?)

I made two of them. One for Morgan (13 year old) and one for Melissa (10 year old). They both love them. And so do their friends. I am a "COOL MOM" according to their friends. YAY ME!!!

If you are interested in how I made this little treasure, let me know and I can post directions.

Now on to the Easter Cards. I was at one of those chain hobby/craft stores and saw these adorable Easter stamps. Being the restrained person that I am, I promptly dropped them into my cart. Yes, I said cart. Doesn't everyone use a cart in hobby/craft stores? You just can't hold everything and still fondle....It isn't possible. I've tried. You just end up dropping everything and then you have to bend over. In public. Not doing that one again. Oh, yeah, the cards, they aren't fancy or complicated. But they are done. And that counts for a lot. A LOT.

I managed to stamp several images. Color them with my Copic markers. (I love them by the way.)
I won't show a picture of what colors I used because it wouldn't help you. I would have to list them. I have the Ciao markers and they don't have the colors on the ends. Plus, I am not that together. I didn't get a picture of them.

Hope you like the cards.

Have a Happy, Happy Day.


Rosemary said...

ooooh and ahhh, that's what I did over this post. I love the belt, who doesn't need a giant bag of Tootsie Rolls? That's just crazy talk.

Also, what weirdo WOULDN'T have a cart in a craft hobby store? If not, why are they there? lol

Seriously, these are so pretty darn cute cards and you finished them - you are way ahead of the game compared to me, Missy them and so glad you are posting again. Did you take down the curling shrine? LOL

Kristen said...

I had a Levi Strauss belt quite similar to the Tootsie Roll one you made here! Very cool!!!
I Always use a cart in the craft store!

And I love your bunny and Easter cards... sweet!

Have a great weekend!

lauren said...

wouldja believe...i *HAVE* some of that SEI paper...and i didn't think i was very keen on it actually...but SUDDENLY it is lookin' really REALLLLLLLLLY good to me, in a springy/eastery context! ...dunno why... (whistles nonchalently) :)

(YOU'RE A GENIUS!) (& definitely the COOL MOM--awwwwwesome belt!!!!!)