Sunday, March 21, 2010

Opus Gluei Challenge # 47

This week we are to take an ordinary piece of paper that is used by us during the week and transform it into something else. To use it in our project. I picked a spreadsheet that was destined for the recycle bin. Since I work with spreadsheets, this was the best choice for me. Plus I could picture it distressed and faded. (and that gave me a bit of a smile)

Here are the steps I took, without pictures, because at the time I didn't think about taking pictures. I was too "into" the process.

1. I inked the whole thing with a distressing ink.
2. I crumpled the paper and flattened it back out.
3. I inked it again. This intensified the ink on the creases.
4. I took it outside and misted it with a copper mist spray.
5. I punched out a bunch of butterflies, placed them randomly on the page and sprayed with a green mist spray. I wanted to mimic the aged look of copper. You can't really see the butterfly cutouts. It didn't really work like I had pictured, but it added some interest anyway.
6. I cut on the diagonal into 4 ATC's.
7. I stamped two edges of each ATC with a scroll-y border stamp.
8. I colored with some metallic-y pens.
9. I searched for butterfly quotes and picked four that I liked and weren't too long and printed them out.
10. I found some butterflies (metallic and grey) that were already on another project, carefully peeled them off of that project, carefully removed the foam tape because it was no longer sticky.
11. I cut little strips of foam adhesive to fit onto the little butterflies.
12. I cut the quotes into strips.
13 I played with the positioning until I liked it and glued down the strips and stuck down the butterflies.

Here are all four of them. Let me know if you are interested in trading.
2 of them are obligated, but 2 remain ready for flight.

Thanks for looking. Now go to Opus Gluei and join their challenge this week.
(Shameless plug for my and Rosemary's challenge blog, isnt' it?)


Rosemary said...

I so love these - I loved them in process but the finished products are fantastic! You put so much work into them but the wow factor is really there. So cool! Very multi-layered in appearance, textural, it has it all!

Electra said...

Simply beautiful! I would be up for a trade!

Marybeth said...

Hi, Jana! What cool ATC's! If you look closely I think you can still see the cell borders from the spreadsheet - neat! Thanks for you comment on my blog, and yes, I did make that elephant. It's a pincushion I made for a swap! Have a great week :)))

Dianna said...

Oh....distressed makes me swoon! Love 'em*!*

Dianna said...

Hee 4yr old just fed the heck out of your turtles. Their tank is going to be a nasty mess in a few hours...sorry! ;)

Kathryn said...

They are beautiful! I've not made cards in years, so no trade, but i do so admire them. :)