Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heart the ART... playing catch-up.

I am a bit behind with my Heart the ART journal. I just got caught up doing other things (kid things) and the mojo was a bit elusive too.

Week 4 was "Under Control" - I have NEVER had a sweet tooth. I was the weird kid who traded her cupcake for a baked potato. I could easily pass on sweets for chips. Salty was my choice. Now, however, I want both. Chocolate covered pretzels will require a cigarette break afterwards. Okay, maybe it isn't that bad. But not far from it.

I totally lifted the journalling on the flamingo's from Gina. I figure it is one of her stamps, so it's okay. Right?

The journaling reads: How did this happen to me? I never had one before. Now it is out of control. I need to stop eating sweets & get back to my old healthy way of life. Less sweets and more produce. (you can click on it to see the details better.) I used Gina's fabulous Flamingo stamp for journaling blocks. Love this bird.


The prompt for week 5 was Thrive. It wasn't hard to come up with this one. I know what I need. I need creativity everyday. It doesn't always have to include paint, glue or paper, but it needs to be in there somewhere everyday.

I actually had this done at the end of January. I just haven't posted it. I wanted to do a page without pictures and competely digital. I almost succeded. I have since printed it out and added a "I (heart) ME" button and a little sparrow stamp, along with some white underlining on the "THRIVE" around the edges. I can't get a good picture of the printed out version, so here is the digi copy. I scanned one of the blank sheets from this book and made a template in PSE7 for me to use. I didn't think to cut out the holes. I wish I had because as you can see, some of the words are cut out. Oopsie.

It seems a bit wild to read, but it really isn't bad. Just read each color/style of words at a time. Again, if you click on it, you can see it better.

Now off to the last half of the prompts...


Electra said...

I really like these. Especially how you wrote on the flamingos and the theme written along the outside on both of them. Love the different fonts on "Thrive" as well. It IS easy to read.

Tyggereye said...

haha I love this!!! How great. the journaling fits fab!!! I'm so glad you are catching up. :)

Tyggereye said...

Oh! and thanks for the shout out. :)

lauren said...

oooooooooooooooh! you've used probably my ALL TIME favorite tyggereye stamp!!! (...tho, really, it's impossible to choose ONE...) and frankie the flamingo looks AWESOME with the journaling inside! the whole collage is awesome actually! ♥ (& i SOOOOO hear ya on the subject of sweets! arrgh!)

your digi-page is *BRILLIANT* as well! i love how you've done ALL text, but in three tiers that cascade down the page!!! (i'm TOTALLY stealing that at some point...i NEVER would have thought of it, and yet now i see it...it SO ROCKS!) wow♥WOW♥wow--you are VERY CLEVER, missus! ♥

(ps: you are welcome to be me ANY DAY you choose...but i suggest it not be monday as your family is likely to STARVE!!!) :) :) :)

lauren said...

oof--forgot to say: probably 50% of my journal pages that get punched holes ...have them punched right into text or another "important" element!!! (& a further 10% i just got LUCKY!!!) :)

Rosemary said...

These are really beautiful pages - I love what you're sharing and oh my gosh, the designs are so cool. I jealous. ;-)

Kristen said...

This is great! I should start a journal!

Dianna said...

Look at you getting all digital...LOVE it!