Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Monday

Monday - Roast Chicken, salad, steamed green beans
(edited: We had this. It was delish.)

Tuesday - Sandwiches, chips and salad
(edited: We had this too. It was good and easy.)

Wednesday - Cheeseburgers, oven fries and baked beans
(edited: I made Chili and served it over rice. It was comfort food that I needed.)

Thursday - Dogs & Brats, mac & cheese, salad
(edited: We went out for Mexican food. I had Pork Chili Verde. It was amazing.)

Friday - Boboli Pizza, salad

Saturday - Burritos

Sunday - Mystery Meal


Rosemary said...

Yum yum yum - love the Menu Mondays - normally, I'd be afraid of Mystery Meal but you are a great cook so no worries! ;-)

lauren said...

ooooooooooh! finally you've hit MY skill level...b/c i assume on sunday *I* am cooking??!?!? or do you only want it to be a mystery *UNTIL* you eat it??! (i'm good either way, just lemme know!!!) :) :) :)