Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Monday

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Monday - Hot Dogs, baked beans, asparagus and chips (Melissa's choice)

(edit: We had the hot dogs, but I opted for fresh fruit and baked fries.)

Tuesday - Pasta with sauce and Texas Toast (Morgan's choice)
(edited: Melissa handed me a flyer for McDonald's Night for her school, along with a lot of "Please, I'll be extra good." So, we had the food of Olympians. Again.)

Wednesday - Chicken with Green Beans (Megan's choice)
(edited: Danny had a late meeting, so I was to do pick-ups and drop offs. Melissa had basketball, so I couldn't get her until after 5:30. Megan had a guitar lesson at 5:30. So we went to Cici's for pizza. Not my favorite. I don't think I'll be going back there for a long, long time. But, hey, it was ready when we walked in the door AND I didn't have to cook.)

Thursday - Steamed Shrimp and salad (My choice)
(edited: Sam's chicken, steamed rice and baked asparagus. I'm allowed to change my mind. Says so in the Woman's Guide.)

Friday - Pizza and Survivor
(edited: This happened.)

Saturday - Dinner out
(edited: Danny and I went on a date. We went to a Japanese steak house. We fed the girls chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, and peas. Their choice.)

Sunday - TBD
(edited: Homemade Spag Sauce, noodles and Texas Toast. Yum.)

What are you planning for the week? Let me know how it goes.


Rosemary said...

Good for your for always making these menus fun to look forward to, from the different days choices to the pretty pic you put up! YAY

When does Mommy get her choice for menu selections? Or is that the Chinese food occasionally? (LOL)

Electra said...

I'll be over Thursday. Planning? It's 8 PM and I still don't know what I'm going to have!

lauren said...

hot dogs, baked beans, *ASPARAGUS* and chips??!?!?! (i ♥ that kid!!!) :)

(ps: have you tried the dietz & watson "gourmet lite" hotdogs? they are like 60 cal & a gram of fat...and even JEFF agrees they taste like "regular" dawgs!)