Saturday, May 22, 2010

Menu Monday - (The real story.)

Usually I am pretty good about cooking 4-5 nights of the week.
This last week was so CRAZY that here is what really happened...
The week started out pretty good.

Danny had a late meeting.
Chinese is the standard fare on those nights.
Still not so bad.

Day spent carting oldest kid with knee pain to docs.
Meal could have been better.

Had to feed them all by 5:20.
This was the best I could come up with.

Busy schedule. Route took me right past here.

Tradition. Just ask Melissa.

Now we're getting back on track.


Okay, so maybe it wasn't THAT bad.
But still, next week WILL be better.
I promise.
Pinky swear.

(Images are all via Google and Flickr)

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Rosemary said...

Hey, you had a rough week of stuff. I understand and this is pretty funny!