Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Tat

Nothing says "I LOVE YOU MOM" better than a tattoo.
Just ask my 10 year old. I love that she was willing to share one of her many, many tattoos with me.
And was on the verge of tears when she picked this one:

But, I have to confess, the tears weren't because she is a sharing, thoughtful little girl.
The tears were because the tattoo is so BIG.

Thank goodness that the weather turned a bit chilly, and a light sweater is required.


Lori said...

That's too funny. Looks good on you though! lol

Rosemary said...

a hahahahahahahahahahaha

You are rocking that tattoo, lady!!!!

Tyggereye said...

haha at first I thought you went and got a real tattoo she picked out. lol. Fun times!

Electra said...

Love the teeth on that fish! Hope it doesn't bite you!

lauren said...

HA! that is the best mother's day story EVER! :) :) :)