Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The nutritional experts say to eat a well balanced,
colorful variety of foods.
So, I am.
(Lunches were picked by their colorful packaging. Which will be repurposed. Someday.)

(You weren't really expecting WORDLESS, were you???)


Rosemary said...

LOL - and I fully expect you to sprout feathers and start clucking.

Lori said...

I was gonna say, you aren't throwing out that packaging, are you?? lol

Tyggereye said...

hehe I love those things!

Kristen said...

Very funny, you have the best humor EVER! This is great! I am on Weight Watchers right now, so occasionally I am eating out of a box too!

beadz said...

That is just too funny! Great sense of humor!