Monday, August 23, 2010

Friend Makin' Mondays are Back

Friend Makin' Mondays are back. It's a Monday blog party where you get to know more bloggers out there. Amber hosts it. She is a sweetie pie, took a little break and has now started back up. This week on Friend Makin' Monday we are to list things that we have to do/have done today.

Today... I woke up later than I should have.

Today... I blogged before I showered. Or even woke M3 up for the day.

Today... I have a thousand things to do at work.

Today... M1 and M2 will be home alone. All day. For what is the first day for the next two weeks.

Today... I'll eat lunch in the office. A Lean Cuisine.

Today... I'll get on the treadmill. To try to help combat my failing eyeballs.

Today... I am thankful for SO MANY things.

Amber says:

Just like that. Try to get around to as many people as possible and share the comment love. Feel free to follow some of the new blogs you're visiting, if they interest you. A rule of thumb I try to follow is to visit the blog before and after you, and then jump atound the list to as many as you have time for. That way everyone feels the love :)

Ready, Set, Go!


Sian said...

This is such a great idea :)

Sian said...

This is such a great idea :)

Lisa said...

Have a great day...visiting from

Connie W said...

I love that your last thought for the day was to be thankful because that was my last thought too.


Amanda said...

Coming over for Friend Makin Monday!

Electra said...

Wow, I woke up late today too!
(But I'm not getting on the treadmill, no matter what my eyeballs do).

Rosemary said...

I woke up late as well, face it, we're trendsetters. Oh, and I like Lean Cuisines too - two or three and I'm full (hee hee)

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

I also love that your last thought was to be thankful. So important!

Thanks for joining in!

♥ Amber
Silver Lining

lauren said...

well i'm sorry to have missed "friend makin' monday"...but here i am just in time for "weird girl who comments SO VERY sporadically wednesday"! does that count??! :)