Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chicken, Chicken, Winner Dinner

This time it's in a 4x6 recipe card. OPUS GLUEI's challenge this week is to include a chicken in your project.

I picked a recipe card. I've posted this recipe before. I want to get all the most often used recipes I use made into 4x6 cards to help clear some clutter in the kitchen. I have done about 6 and only have a million left to go....

I picked this one to coincide with Chinese New Years.

(I think it's the year of the Rabbit, but I don't have any rabbit recipes. And I don't think I want any.)

Images were found via the internet. I searched on "chicken" and "asparagus". Font is a free one found on DAFONT - Chinaone.

Feel free to download and add to your culinary arsenal.


Rosemary said...

Love this recipe, it sounds delicious and the font you used is PERFECT! Great idea and I already have complimented you on how smart I think you are using the 7 Gypsies rack that way. ClEVER!

I don't know how crazy our OG followers will think we are, but I don't think we'll surprise them that much with this theme!

Lori said...

Great card, and no, I don't think I would want a rabbit recipe!

Electra said...

OK, this sounds delish. I've downloaded it and WILL make it. Honest.

Tyggereye said...

Cute recipe card! Wouldn't it be fun to make one like these for all your fav. recipes. I wish I had that kinda time. Maybe one day.