Friday, January 7, 2011

Swap-Bot Tiny Tin Swap

I love swapping things. Inchies, matchboxes, ATC's, recipe pages, friendship books, twinchies, handmade embellishments, jewelry, bookmarks ... I've traded them all. There's the anticipation of getting a new treasure in the mail. Not knowing what the creation will look like.

This time there isn't a new creation, but there is creativity. The swap is for a Tiny Tin filled with tiny things. The challenge was to find the smallest tin you could, and fill it with tiny things.

The only catch was that you could only put one of each thing. I kind of cheated by putting in a kiss brad, a crown brad, a heart brad and a regular brad. But I view them as a kiss, a crown, a heart and a brad. Not to be confused with the heart charm. Which I am counting as a charm. LOL

I hope she likes all of these things. And the extra goodies I put in the envelope for her....


Rosemary said...

I love this, what a cool idea (the one googley eye is funny), your trading partner is going to love this - so much goodness and so many fun things you could do with all this bounty!!!

I still don't know how you get all of it into a teeny tiny little tin!

Deena said...

that looks like a super fun swap...what a bunch of jems to get in the mail...and the projects to be done with them...hope you enjoy the ones you get in return

Electra said...

You're a swapping fool! This is fantabulous! Lucky partner.