Sunday, January 16, 2011


This week the challenge at OPUS GLUEI is to make a scene. Right away, I knew what I would do. Make a page in my ART JOURNAL. It's a new thing for me, this ART JOURNAL. I have always loved the arts. Loved playing with paint and paper and scissors. I just can't draw to save my life. I stink at those games where you have to draw a picture and have your team mate guess what word or phrase you are trying to convey. Anyway, I have decided to go forth, and conquer my inabilities.

I have found an online ART JOURNALing class. AND it's free. You can sign up too. GO HERE. Then click on the link in the lower lefthand corner labeled WORKSHOPS. There are three of them. I signed up for all 3. Workshop 1 is in week 3 right now, but you can join in now anyway. Workshop 2 starts in March, and I can't remember when Workshop 3 starts.

Well, W1 instructs us to take copies of older journaling pages we have done and cut/tear them into parts to make new journaling pages. Since I really don't have any older journaling pages, I used images I found online and in magazines. Except for the image of the little girl looking through the keyhole. She is a compilation of images I used from a digi kit I got from the wonderfully talented Ms Gina. (She is one amazing artist. If you haven't been to her site or store, you must go.) She paints and make incredible rubber stamps and cards and layouts and ... Anyway, I had already put these images together for a bookmark I made a while back and thought it would convey what I wanted perfectly.

Imagination Knight

To me, this represents the guardians of our inner childs' imagination. Because if we are not careful, our creativity will be taken away and replaced with mundane adult ideas. Like cleaning and cooking and all sorts of other not-fun things.

I didn't really follow the directions. I wanted a dreamy, oceany background. So I watercolor painted the sky and water. And then I stamped the grid and script. Then used a workable fixative so it wouldn't blur when I used matte gel medium to adhere the images down. I think if it had dried quicker, I would have continued, but I had to wait. Now it's ready for the next phase.

I'll post more pictures as I finish each week's assignments. This was week 1's assignment. And even though the class is in week 3, I'll be working on week 2 now. Cuz I'm a rebel at heart. LOL.

Go forth and create!


Rosemary said...

I love this project, and I can't wait to see what else evolves from the process! I think it is cool that we approached our theme this week from different aspects as well to demonstrate the flexibility of the challenge.

Love the imagery, the thinking behind it, basically, ALL OF IT!

(and oh my gosh, YOU got wordy with a post - wow)

Lori said...

Wow! This is fantastic! Love the blue/greens in the background, really does have that ocean feel.. and the images are just superb! Well done, can't wait to see more!

Cheryl said...

Oh wow! This is really cool

Electra said...

I like this and I love your purposeful approach. Keep it up, I'm rooting for you.

Tyggereye said...

Very cool! I see the girl in the middle. Great page.