Wednesday, April 8, 2009

365 Cards - Day 39 - Wacky Color Wednesday

The 365 Cards Challenge today is to use Orange, Purple and Green on your card. Only.

I cheated a bit and used brown ink. teeheehee

I almost didn't make a card. I am tired. I figured I could make it tomorrow. Late. But still get it done. I will be staying home again with my sick daughter. She has a fever, cough and stuffy head. And won't stop sneezing long enough for me to get a "God Bless You" in. Poor thing.
As I will be staying home, I will check out all of the other creations tomorrow. I'll have all day.


Rosemary said...

Your secret is safe with me (the brown ink - if you didn't say anything it would have passed for purple!)

What a cute take on the theme - I like this card a lot! I love your projects, you have such a good sense of color and style.

Sorry about M3, sounds like it is time for her to see the doctor.

Anne Claire A. said...

Very nice!

Vicky said...

Love this! I really like the purple paper and how you layered the strips of paper along the bottom - very nice!

Fi said...

What a great little girls card - love your fairy image and the way you have put the whole design together.

Rachel said...

This is a lovely card! So cute and happy. Don't worry about the brown ink. I used black on mine, and even a bit of a couple other colors. Oh well!

Anyway, I really like you card. Thanks for sharing!

~amy~ said...

Lovin' this!!! cute!!!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Adorable! I just LOVE the texture & different bands of ribbon. Hope your daughter is all better very soon. :O)

Audrey said...

Luv the spotted green on the purple background. Lovely card! Hope your daughter is feeling better today.

kristie sessions said...

jana, I adore this!! I love that little fairy and the great purple paper. Is that spattered with something? Or i guess just the pattern on it, but it is SO cool. Love the ribbon too. Great job! Hope you little one gets feeling better soon!