Thursday, April 16, 2009

365 Cards - Day 47 - Pop-Up Card

Today's 365 Card Challenge was to make a pop-up card. I really thought I would put this off until tomorrow. I have been busy making 8x8 Disney layouts for Make A Wish and just didn't want to switch gears. So, I turned the light off and walked away.

Well, it happened again. I was walking by to shut the house down for the night (you know turn off all the lights, tuck the girls in, peek out the front window) when I thought about making a little table top decoration in the form of a pop-up card. Just a little inspiration to make us smile.

Here is my little inspiration. Very basic. Very simple. Very cheering.

Pardon the mess around the mouse. I won't clean up until I am done making pages. Or until the family gets hungry. Geesh. I have to feed them EVERY DAY. My scrap table is full of the normal mess and DH was out of town so I took over the kitchen table. And let the kids eat in the family room. Cuz I'm cool like that.

Thanks for looking.


Ivolina said...

Your card is so cute and funny. Love it.

~amy~ said...

You crack me are cool like that...super fun pop up!!!

Fi said...

What a fantastic pop-up - super cute.

Rosemary said...

I was checking so many times yesterday to see what your creation would be and I thought - oh, she must be busy on another project (I was right) but you managed to get it done as well. Good for you!

That said, WHAT A CUTE CARD!!!! Oh my gosh, I'm always a sucker for something Disney but this is just so darn cute. And it WOULD be perfect as a table top decoration for the birthday boy/girl. That's another thing I love about it - versatile - not necessarily boy or girl. YAY YOU!

What you lost in sleep, you got in creativity, lady.

fabricbutterfly said...

very cute, cool mom.

BlakesleeNovel said...

You are very creative