Monday, April 6, 2009

Menu Monday

Here's the plan for this week.

Monday - Hot dogs. Gotta make it quick and easy. Morgan has a track meet tonight. She isn't running because of her shin splints from last week, but we are going to support the team anyways. Track meet was cancelled due to rain. So I made spaghetti with meat sauce instead. I'll save the easy hot dogs for another night this week. Looks like we are off to another week where the menu is out the window.

Tuesday - Turkey Burgers, oven fries and salad. We had Mexican food for dinner. At our fav Mexican restaurant. I was tired. And a bit frustrated with work/kids/hubby. Not in the mood to cook for the ungrateful bunch.

Wednesday - Chicken, rice and asparagus. It was hot dogs, watermelon and salad. Talk about a rebellious week. I am SO not wanting to cook for these ingrates!!!

Thursday - Stew or Soup. Melissa was home sick, Megan was on a field trip until 10pm and Morgan had a track meet, so, I fed Melissa and I leftovers, Danny and Morgan stopped and got a sandwich after the track meet. Her team won. She ran the mile and 1/2 mile. She finished last, but she finished. I am very proud of her.

Friday - Pizza

Keep checking back for the updates.

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Rosemary said...

At least you attempt to make a menu, more than I can say. Also, you are pretty good at keeping to it. (65%?) Again, better than I am.