Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random bits of my day

This is how you watch TV when you have just had a nose bleed and your mother won't let you off the blanket in the family room.
This is my pathetic first workout in ages.
I am determined to get into shape.
My first goal is to get into good enough shape to walk a 5K in June.
(I have no idea what these numbers mean right now.
But I probably will in a few weeks, so I decided I had to document them.)
This is my first attempt at making sushi. I did pretty darned good. If you ask me. The roll stayed together. And the customer was quite happy with it. (see next pic.) This is the happy sushi customer. She is a brave soul. She is 9 and she likes sushi. Sorta sushi, I should say. This is a crab, cucumber roll. She has tried wasabi and didn't like it.

That's it so far today. I'm off to shower and play with paper. And glue. And buttons. And whatever else lands on my table...

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

I love how you spent your day - hey, if you have to be off you might as well be creative with it. Sushi huh? I'm impressed. Also, we can do this workout thing, we can and we will!