Monday, May 4, 2009

365 Cards - Day 65 - Mother's Day Card

Today's 365 Cards challenge wasn't so much a challenge but rather an opportunity to honor a special woman in your life. I am only partly completing this challenge. I have already made my Mother's Day card. I am splitting the challenge into two parts.

1. Honor important women in my life. And important in my daughters' lives.

2. Make a card. Mine just happens to be around a chocolate bar and for an important male.

I made Teacher Appreciation Gifts. Small tokens to give to the teachers at the elementary school that nurtured and taught my daughters. Two have moved on to be excellent students in middle school and one is still learning and thriving at the elementary school. All of them honor roll students. I am a full time work outside the home mom, so most of the credit goes to the fabulous teachers. I really appreciate them and don't show them often enough.

The women will receive a flower pen. Not very original, but flowers make people smile. I want them to smile. Who can write with a big flower on the end of their pens and not smile! The men will receive a chocolate bar. I can't see them writing with a big flower on the end of their pens. And who doesn't smile with chocolate.

Yup, the flowers are all pens. I made roughly 100 pens and wrapped 8 chocolate bars. They aren't very fancy, but my fingers are tired after making the pens.

(and I HAVE to post, right?!?!)

Thanks for indulging me and looking.


Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Great Job and I am sure the teachers are going to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Karen Lee said...

WOW Jana what a fabulous idea for the teacher's!! A big flower pen would sure put a big smile on my face! And what man doesn't like candy!! Awesome job!

hugs, Karen Lee

~amy~ said...

Jana...magnificent idea!!! LOVE it!

Vicky said...

wow, jana! these are awesome! love this project!