Friday, May 8, 2009

Blabbering to procrastinate.

I surf the web. No surprise there. But sometimes you find little treasures that you wouldn't expect. I visit the blogs listed there on the left side bar regularly-ish.

WELL, I just stopped by Tami's blog to see what wonderful creations she had been up to, and imagine my delight when she posted about an insulated cup she had just gotten. I fell in love.
This is hers.

And now this:

Is mine. Saw it on her blog Wednesday and picked one up on Thursday. They are insulated cups. Aren't they cool! They look just like the Starbucks cold beverage cups. They even have the little check mark boxes printed on the other side.

I love saving the environment with pretty and cool things.

Isn't it cool!


Kathryn said...

We'd love one for my hubby - but he wants a huge one - 32 oz. I've not found one that size yrt.

Loved your Friday Fill Ins. :)

Rosemary said...

Oh, this is adorable and now they will have sold a few more!