Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free Girl

I don't know about you, but I was having a hard time finding the "PERFECT" art journal. I have amassed quite a collection of books. Moleskine, Strathmore, Canson, dollar store notebooks, a financial ledger, even a composition notebook. Nothing was striking that chord with me. You know the one. It sings to you, "I'm the one you've been looking for."

If I found paper that I loved, the size was not right, the ones that were the right size didn't have the right paper. SIGH...

Well, my search is over. (At least for this particular art journal.) A well meaning secretary at work ordered new calendars for the office and she ordered one for me that I really don't like, but the dates are all in there, so I am using it. Which left my old calendar up for recycle... And I did recycle. I took it home and painted the first couple of pages. And waited to see if it would stand up to the paint. It did!

I am finally taking my art journal to a new level. For me anyway.

I signed up for Tam's Art Heart and Healing workshop. She's offered this free class. It's

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!

Tam is a sweet, adorable person. Being English, she has an accent to me. Which I find magical and delightful. She shares her methods, and teaches. She actually shares her knowledge. I painted this girl because I watched her videos from Week 1. YES, I said Week 1. She uses a combination of paints and watercolor crayons. I just used paints. I went with what I was feeling.

My page is still in process. I painted this last night. I didn't start until 9pm. I finally washed my paint brushes and went to bed around midnight.

You can't tell, but the purpley background has an iridescent medium layered on top. It sparkles. I love it.

Now being the engineer, I can't leave without letting you know that I see MANY areas for improvement here. BUT, I am okay with that. GASP. As hard as it is to believe, I am learning to embrace my works AS-IS.

I too am a work in process.


Tyggereye said...

I prefer watercolor moleskine journals. Love them. :)

Rosemary said...

She's beautiful! I love her colors and though I can't see the shimmer I love the idea of the shimmer. What a wonderful thing you are doing and I admire your ability to cut loose and enjoy yourself with this, that's great!

Ignore the inner engineer - let it be and enjoy it, it's lovely!

Lori said...

I'd say your first attempt was a success, gf. Love the turquoise color, my fave, you know. Well done with the face, I would think that would be a difficult thing to start with!

Rosemary said...

Oh, you've made her your blog banner - I LOVE THAT! I want to give you such a big hug for how cool she turned out and also that you are having such fun with paints!

Electra said...

Oop. Did I mention I love your new header? OK, so I'm going backwards. I love this too. lol

Shar said...

She's amazing! Beautifully done!