Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOYWW - Crafty Hazelnut - Jingle Belles Combo

This title doesn't rhyme. Not in the least. Nor does it even sound good together. Oh, well, at least I am posting.

I really should be working on those real work deadlines. You know the "get-paid-with-real-money-work-deadlines", but I can't wanna. I DO wanna post this while I have a few minutes.

So here goes:

WOYWW - Here is the carnage that remains after last Sunday's Christmas card-making extravaganza. It was a self hosted, self attended event at my own little workspace. And I didn't clean up afterwards. But I did make dinner for my family, so they were happy about me not cleaning up. Today, I am not so happy that I fed them and didn't clean. NOW I have to clean and the mojo is longggggg gone.

And here is one of the cards (more will be on display as soon as I can get pictures of them)made out of the above mess:

I made it for Jingle Belles Foliage challenge AND for Crafty Hazelnuts Christmas Card square challenge. I am not particularly happy with the image. Or I should say the coloring of the image. The image itself is gorgeous and deserves better than this. But it was an image that was colored a couple of years ago in a Copic's class. Before I had any of those wonderful little markers. And before I knew what to do with them. BUT, I had the image, and I was determined to use it. So here it is.

It is also being used for:

Jingle Belles Challenge #12 - Another Sketchy Holiday
Craft Hazelnut Challenge #9 - Let's Get Sentimental

I am also not happy with the pictures. But at 7am while rushing around trying to convince youngest daughter that I WILL NOT let her stay home, get the dog fed, get middle daughter to eat something, get myself in the shower and get us all out the door, I think they will do just fine. Sometimes DONE is better than DONE WELL. Don't you agree?


1CardCreator said...

Beautiful card, I love the colors!

Hazel said...

Nothing wrong with that image - the card is beautiful. Thanks for joining in my CHNC challenge 13 - hope to see you again soon - the next challenge is being sponsored with a randomly picked prize winner. x

Rosemary said...

I agree with Hazel, there is nothing wrong with that image - I love that we both used Martha doilies on our cards! I have that Merry Christmas stamp and now I want to use it. Also, I find it amusing that you had a one person card making party. You could have invited me, I could have participated via telecon!

Your card looks great! What the heck are you inhaling to write such things? Step away from the adhesive and turn on a ventilation fan!

Jingle said...

Great mess and super cute card!

Bobbi said...

I know about the real work deadlines, I have plenty. But here I sit blog lurking LOL -- it's a good thing I have an understanding boss. ;)

I look forward to Wednesday's pick at Jana's desk day, that what my CO-worker have renamed it.. I think it looks super.

I love your card too!

K said...

I love making a mess while crafting ... the tidying up however, hmmmm, has to wait for other jobs to be done first with me as well :) Lovely cards & how well organised are you doing xmas cards so early.
Thanks for sharing on WOYWW
K. #90

Deena said...

totally get the work deadlines...decided i didn't want to do anymore this week and ditched early today and took vacation time for tomorrow and friday....spring break and all...maybe i can actually get something done...hopefully well...your cards are great...and who needs to clean up anyway?

Lorraine said...

I meant to clean my desk today. I really did. But I had lunch in a friend's classroom and was inspired by the shirt one of the children was wearing and.... well, my desk is worse than yours by far. I love your card. The image is beautiful and the doily rocks.

SmilynStef said...

It looks pretty darn good to me for a "starter" coloring card ... and just think how far you've come ... it is indeed a fabulous image and great holiday card. Thanks for joining our jingle belles fun.

lauren bergold said...

what's wrong with the coloring? i think it's looks just like one of those fancy poinsettias with the melded colors that are pink with darker red in them! and those are GORGEOUS!!! i love the whole entire card, actually, the layout...the patterned papers...that super-cool doily! HOME RUN, missus!!! ♥

ps: i once heard cathy zielski say...and it became my mantra... "sometimes 'good enough' is GOOD ENOUGH"!!! and it's soooooo true, imo! (tho i hasten to say i DO NOT classify this lovely card as being less than FAB♥U♥LOUS!!!)

Electra said...

Totally, I agree totally. I have no one to get out the door and I still look like a bomb went off in my hair when I get to work in the morning. Having said all that, 'tis a lovely card!

MaggieC said...

Don't forget "A tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind". You are definitely healthy. I do like that card, bright and cheerful.
By the way, thanks for your earlier visit to me. I thought you would like my pincushion, specially shown for you. The Kindle reader shown is absolutely brilliant, even with heavy use, the battery lasts about a month and gives you good warning before it dies. I have over 80 books on mine so far, and there is loads of room.

okienurse said...

love your busy and creative desk! very pretty card! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #83

lisa said...

Gorgeous colors. Gorgeous card. I so love Copics, but haven't started a collection as of yet. Glad you had some time.