Sunday, March 6, 2011

Opus Gluei - #93 New Tricks

Show us a new trick. That's what those goofy Poobah's over at OPUS GLUEI want this week. (I can say that because, well I'm one of the goof's. LOL)

You all know that I have ventured into the world of Art Journals. I am not professing to be an artist. I AM professing to enjoy the heck out of what I am doing. I will go further to state that I am out to please only me. If you like or don't like the things I come up with is okay. Heck, even I don't like some of the things I come up with. Generally you won't see them, but, sometimes you will. Cuz I am consistently inconsistent. It's how I am.

Anyway, this week I played with texture. I used the gesso I have to create a couple of pages in a new art journal I bought. It wasn't what I really want (the journal) but I am going to use it anyway. It'll be a laboratory of sorts. I'll experiment here. (I used to say I wanted to be a Mad Scientist when I was younger, so here goes. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

I didn't take pictures of the process, but here's a look-see anyway. I had a hard time getting myself to make any mark of any sort in this pristine new journal. (Do you get that way too?) So, I just jumped in and used watercolor crayons to color one of the pages. When that was dry, I just dumped a big glob on there and covered it all up. Oops, I dumped too much gesso, so I covered the page next to it too. What the heck was I thinking?!?! Yep, I just dumped a big glob on there and spread it ALL OVER. Crazy, I know. Then I took the end of the brush handle and doodled designs into the wet gesso. Then came the really hard part.


Waiting for the gesso to dry.

Once dried, I used water colors on the plain white page and acrylics on the watercolor crayon'ed page.

I tried, but wasn't able to get a good close-up of the blue/green page to show the texture. The circles and the zig-zags are the textured doodles. I really didn't like the stark white, so I traced over them with paint pens. There are still teeny, tiny spots of white peeking through. I guess I am okay with that. But I really, really, really like, no LOVE, the next page.

I love the way this page turned out and might have a problem covering it up. LOL But, I will. Eventually.

Isn't this great looking. I love the brush strokes and the grooves made from the brush handle. See the watercolors peeking out from the grooves! I LOVE IT!!!


Deena said...

This is super cool...once you get it down to the one you like best, put in on a giant canvass and hang it in your will love it...I did 3 over our couch and it is sooo cool (to me anyway).

Rosemary said...

This Poobah loved our goofy challenge - had a lot of fun creating for it! I can see you did as well, I really like this, Jana, for so many reasons. I am so happy you are enjoying yourself thoroughly and getting so arty with your projects. I also enjoy that you are putting such positive and affirming statements into your art! I LOVE the vibrant orange page and yes, I think my favorite part is that I see the first layer peeking through and adding a dazzling element. BRAVA!!!

p.s., I think Deena has a cool idea there about making a giant canvas and I could see it so easily in your living room.

Rosemary said...

I'm so glad you're my buddy too. You're inspiring me to pick up a paintbrush as well, you wonderful enabler you.

Electra said...

I love it too. and I want to tell you that if you put your nose up to the monitor, no, closer! you can see the texture on the first page. See?

Beth aka BR-T said...

These pages are fantastic and the orange page is astounding!

milkcan said...

Love the colors! Love the texture! Awesome all around!

Nancy Y said...

Fantastic!! Love that orange page - Amazing colors and textures!
Nancy xx :D

Casii said...

Oooh, funky cool effects! Sincerely hoping I get some time to play in the craft room tomorrow night.