Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gettin' my grill on

Poobah Deena of the Order of the OPUS GLUEI has put forth the challenge of the GRILL and all things BBQ.

I am putting forth my all time favorite grilling recipe. I love it so much that sometimes I think my family wants to burn the recipe. They haven't yet. But I am keeping an eye on them. Anyways, I just used some beads I had leftover from some other project and some plastic coated wire. It's held on with glue dots under the butterflies. Pretty tricky isn't it. I used Versamark to stamp the cardstock with a citrus stamp that I have. I think I got it in a Club Scrap kit many, many years ago. Paper is DCWV. Don't know the font.

It's one that was found in a coupon circular in the Sunday paper many, many years ago. I don't even recall what the advertisement was trying to sell to me. I am pretty adventurous in the kitchen, so I tried it. AND I love it. I think you will too.

Next up is a little refreshment. This one is actually from a recipe swap I did a few years back. I made it for the Beverage round of a Disney recipe swap. (Yes, I didn't make it fresh. NO, it's not cheating. OPUS GLUEI isn't strick like that.)

I am particularly proud of the glass of lemonade. I used some very thin plastic wrap from some package of something I had at the time. (I'm very exact in these matters.) The ice cubes are hand shaped vellum. The lemons are Quickutz. I love my dies. Don't know who made the paper. Also don't remember what font I used. Sorry.

I have an 8x8 photo display stand that I got a few months ago at Michael's. I think it's from their line of product. I am using it in the kitchen for recipes.

It's one of the best idea's I have had in the kitchen in a long time. It holds the recipes up above the bowls/pots/pans. It has the plastic to protect the recipe. I tend to cook ALL OVER the kitchen.

This is another one of my recipes. The swaps that I was in wanted 6x7 recipe cards. I think they were putting them in a box or tin of some kind. I knew that I wanted to make mine into the 8x8 size to put them into an album. But this stand is WAY better. It even fits the 8x8 album refills.

Thanks for putting up with the drabble. And the crappy photos. It's late and I almost forgot to post. I will try to take better ones and replace these. (Figure the odds.LOL)

Head on over to OPUS GLUEI and check out the other Grillin' ideas. Maybe even add one of your own.


Rosemary said...

Well, these are fantastic! I tried looking around for one of those can find. I love these recipes and the embellishments!!!

Electra said...

That is the BEST glass of lemonade EVER!! You're brilliant. And I like your idea for the kitchen too. To keep it clean. I would do that, except I'm too scattered to every follow a recipe. Having said that, must go now. To the grocery store. To buy some chicken.

Gini said...

What an amazing find for your fabulous recipes, it's just perfect isn't it?
Your lemonade glass is truly inspired :-)